Talisman Update

So here we are one month since I threw this site up on the web… and the latest update is that Book 2 of the Artemis Files: Talisman is in the very final stages. My estimated date for release is within the next two weeks at the usual outlets… although with the Christmas publishing frenzy, some of the distributors are not guarenteeing books in their stores unless they receive the proofs by the end of the first week of December. We’ll see how the timelines work out between writing, proofing, feedback and my other job.

As part of Talisman, the preview chapter of the third book, Durendal, has been written and will be included. Some interesting things are coming up in that release and as I finish up on Book 2, other elements are being written into Book 3’s outline and initial chapters… the Durendal release is planned for late January, followed by a different series as you’ll see on this site with Dancing with the Witch Queen. After that’s released, the two series will alternate until I’ve finished the story arc planned out for the Artemis Files.

Just to give you an idea of my workflow… I typically finish a chapter (or two), proof it next day, and then add it to the pile of other completed chapters. Once a suitable number are done they get sent out for feedback from a small group. At the same time that I’m working on one book, you’ll typically find me with fingers in the pie of a couple of others as well… so if one stalls, I can jump into a different one for a spell.

Anyway, I’ll update up here once the latest book has hit the stores for release… Happy Reading!



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