Book Updates – Lexington and Durendal

As the month of January rolls closer to an end, I’m giving a quick update about where things are at with the books. The good news is that I’ve just released ‘Lexington’, a lead-in to the Artemis Files series covering some events occuring before Elysium. It is approx 24,000 words, so a novella, and depending on your e-book reader settings about 150 pages.TAF_00-Lexington6x9

It is available right now at Smashwords with Amazon processing details now & making it available in the next few hours.


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

The bad news is that Durendal is delayed… I am progressing well through it and see it close to halfway, with an expectation of early February for release. Sorry for anyone urgently waiting to find out what happens after Talisman! Good things are in store with that book, and some hairy adventures soon to be on your screen.TAF_03Durendal6x9

A Christmas Market vacation, New Year vacation and home/work life all contributed to the delay, plus the urgent need in my head to get Lexington out which has been sitting there on the hard drive for some time waiting to be finished off.

I’ll throw another update as we get closer to the final release of Durendal with defined dates.


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