So what’s happening now?

Just an update as March draws to a close and Winter has its last gasp over here in Ireland…

I’m currently working on ‘The Artemis Files Book:4 – Liberty’ with an aim to get several chapters of that out the way and bring it to about a third done. At the same time I’m working away on ‘Bedel’s Honour’, also getting close to a third of the way through that… again ‘Dancing with the Witch Queen’ is a little pushed for time and suffering while I work on those two… I’m hoping to get that out soon but my Release Schedule is already looking challenged! (I think I need a holiday so I can sit down and focus just on the writing)

At the same time, I’m also working through new edits and formats of the original books, while aiming to get an Omnibus Edition out in April (time permitting). Once the Omnibus is finished, I’ll upload it as an ebook and paper version containing the newer format for print and reading. This book will contain Lexington, Elysium, Talisman, and Durendal in one volume.



No rest for the writer…

Now that Durendal is finished and available at the usual outlets, I should be resting and gathering my strength for the next few books. However, there’s never any true rest for a writer and so here we go…  a sneak peak at the cover for one of the next books coming down the line in Spring/Summer.

If you’ve read Durendal, it will take one of the characters from that book  on further adventures of their own. It’s going through outline and preparation at the moment, and I’ll post updates as it nears the light of day. There are sure to be a few surprises in store for you in ‘Bedel’s Honour’, as well as expanding more on the Durendal system for a time… (if you’ve ever done RPG’ing & Traveller or D&D, this is where the GM/Referee would cue his evil laughter).

Durendal is Finished


TAF_03Durendal6x9At long last, I can say The Artemis Files Book 3: Durendal has been completed and uploaded to the publishers. It is being made available as I type this post now, through Amazon (in the next few hours), Smashwords (available now), and Apple, Nook, Kobo, Diesel, etc… in the coming weeks as it filters through to them.

For now, let me say that this turned out larger and more intricate than I originally planned, with the characters taking me into a different direction to the original outline… however I think they enjoyed themselves getting there. I’ll let you be the judge, and if you’ve picked up a copy, please feel free to leave a review saying what you liked about it.

Now it it’s time for a week’s break and then onwards to  Book 1 of the Taslian Knights to write!

Links for Durendal will be added to this post as they become available. Happy reading!

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