A long overdue update

As the title says, it’s time for a long overdue update.

I’ve changed countries from Ireland to going home to Australia, and then returning to live in Ireland again after a few years in Oz. In between changing jobs and  supporting a young family… everything came to a stop until this year. It’s been an interesting few years, to say the least but I won’t bore you with those details. I’ve wanted to write and continue the stories I’ve begun to share, but… but there is no excuse. It never happened.

For anyone reading this that has been waiting all that time and wondering if I had kicked the bucket over the years, you have my sincerest apologies. Real world problems and challenges got in the way and I’m sorry about that… at least things are back on the right path of creativity and innovation again.

Suffice to say, my writing is back on track and books are forming up in an orderly queue to be finished and released, with ‘Ensign Vanderbilt 01: Georgia’ first off the rank at the end of June 2017.


Other books are in progress this very minute, including the long awaited ‘The Artemis Files Book 4: Liberty’ and two more ‘Ensign Vanderbilt’ books. The original list of books planned back in 2013, four of which have already been written are on the back-burner. Reading through them now, the quality is not something I could unleash on the public, not honestly! I still want to release them, but they need serious re-writing and tidying up before seeing the light of day and getting published. Those books were written more than ten years ago, and as the saying goes until you have written a million words, you need to keep writing are true… I cringe when I see what I wrote then, but at the core is a thrilling saga I want to refine.

The funny thing is that the original Artemis Files series was meant to be a lead-in to that epic saga… but it will now star a different protagonist. As The Artemis Files gained traction, and a certain character from the FSA took hold in the series, I wasn’t able to reconcile what would happen to them in that big unpublished saga… she was never in it. Rather than kill her off, it’s easier to change the protagonist to fit the saga, something which will work for a stronger series when it is cleaned up. ETA – I wouldn’t even want to guess at this stage, there are other books I need to do first including several books completely outside my normal setting as a tie-in to a 3rd Party Publisher (more on that as it develops).

Over the coming days, this site will be getting a revamp and tidy up to match my current art & illustration skills. So stay tuned, and thanks for reading. More to come!

If you haven’t read Georgia yet and you’re browsing this page for some curious reason, here is the link. It is available at all good ebook websites. This is the Amazon link (I will add others later when I start work on the site tidy up): https://www.amazon.com/Bradley-Warnes/e/B009LKVURM/


10 comments on “A long overdue update

  1. Yes you’re back! I’ve enjoyed all 3 of your Artemis Files novels (including the prequel novella).

    I really liked how the background for your ATU novels is so different from the OTU 3I setting. Especially with the fact that everyone, including possibly the Taslians, are all descendents of the previous waves of colonization from Earth.

    Regarding your setting, which Traveller tech level would you say most of it is at? I noticed battlesuits didn’t seem to be in use.

    Do you still plan on those books involving that Taslian protagonist who was one of their knights?

  2. Good questions Warren… I originally had the Core Systems a mix of Traveller TL14/15, with smaller domains at TL12/13. There are some variations as you would have seen in genetics and medicine where the TL is much lower.

    With the Taslians, oh yes, I have much more planned for them down the road, including several books playing in their current empire (currently crumbling and falling apart), through to an idea I’m playing with of a ‘Last Guardian’ type of story. That last one would be set in the Hinterlands area with a Taslian warrior coming to terms with a millennia of change. (Essentially, taking someone like you saw in Durendal and keeping them alive.)

    I hinted at battle armor in Georgia, even though you never got to see them directly, only their effect. They’ll be appearing again soon in more detail as I flesh out the two other Ensign Vanderbilt stories and lead her up to the Artemis Files timeline.

  3. 1. The Taslians I notice have a massive, massive empire whereas everyone around them, including the “superpowers” seem to have lowish-double digit numbers of systems at most. Is there a reason why Taslian territory is so much larger than everyone else’s? Because everyone else seems like minnows surrounding a megaladon.

    Also how large is “known space?” Do you have maps or anything? Because hearing about how Earth is a nuclear-blasted hell hole makes me wonder how far humanity has spread here.

    2. Regarding what you said about TL is that still the case, or have things changed? And is the Taslian Empire more advanced than the rest of known space? What TL are the Taslians at? I notice they might be of higher tech compared to everyone, if that defence weapon in the 3rd book was anything to go by.

    3. Reading what little is mentioned about the Taslian Knights, they seem to almost be like militarized Jedi Knights in that they’re an elite unit that uses swords in an extensive manner. What are their weapons and armor like? Because the Deviantart images sort of emphasize their weapons aren’t exactly normal. Combine that with the Taslians appearing to have a large number of psionics and they sound like a Traveller-esque version of government-run Jedi Knights.

    4. If someone from the OTU Third Imperium somehow landed in your ATU, what differences would they note about technology regarding the nations versus the Third Imperium’s technology?

    Are there some significant differences between the two settings regarding things? Or are technologies in both settings around the same for the various tech levels with little real difference?

    • Some great questions there, Warren… let me think about the answers and I can frame it as a blog post later this weekend. I don’t want to say too much about the Taslian race at this stage and would rather let them be revealed down the road as they appear in the books.
      Needless to say, with the state of their empire, many of the fringe worlds are ripe for plunder and raids by slavers are taking advantage of the state of affairs [up] there.

      • No problem. If I’m asking too much or being annoying, you can just say spoilers and leave it at that. It’a just great to see you’re back. I honestly didn’t expect that.

  4. No worries and you’re welcome… it is good to be back writing again. There really is something in the water here in Ireland that is conducive to writing, and I don’t think it is the Guinness!

    • Just read Georgia and enjoyed it.

      1. Regarding the way the FSA treats women in the military, from what is mentioned in the book, it sounds like only a decade before, the FSA was doing more with its female military members then just teaching them to fetch coffee and all that. I presume a lot of this weirdness with females in the military is the result of lots of “suggestions” by the Ukies?

      2. We hear mention about the Ukies being descendents of Turks and some other groups. Considering their manufacture of “Moosin-Nagalts”, are they like a Tsarist Russia expy or something?

      3. Slavery in the FSA, is it something like you commit some sort of crime and they put you in a penal gang or is it more like chattel slavery or what? Because unless the FSA can’t just build robots for all that stuff, I don’t see why they have slavery. Or is it the FSA is too resource poor or under economic sanctions something so they use human labor to make up for not having access to more money and all that?

      4. In your setting, what is the equivalent of the Beowulf-class Free Trader from the OTU 3I setting? Is there one that pretty much anyone would recognize and associate with free traders and all?

      • Cheers and thanks, Warren. Chelsea had a story she wanted told and it continues soon in Midland (and then closes the loop in Liberty – because I am sure there will be eyebrows raised at a few things…. but that’s getting into spoiler territory.)

        In answer to those questions,
        1) Yes, the Ukies are influencing the government in a heavy way. This has been hinted at various times in other books and will come more into the fore soon.
        2) More about them coming soon, but the Ukies are a melange of Ottoman and Byzantine Empires with modifications and influences from other cultures along the way.
        3) Slavery in the FSA, and in general across the Core region is more the chattel type. We delve into this down the road, but some of the smaller polities are raiding less advanced/fortunate worlds for their resources (read – people). Also in the FSA you have the use of uplifts briefly mentioned, again we delve into this very soon. The use of uplifts is frowned upon by the more enlightened polities. At this time there are few robots, and most of the uplift and robot bias are hangovers from the Great War.
        4) I don’t like to draw too many parallels to Traveller or other specific RPG’s for copyright and IP reasons, but free traders and merchant vessels are common enough tropes in science fiction. The ‘Razorback’ free trader in ‘Talisman’ is one such example. For simplicity sake, you can assume they are frequent on the fringe & hinterland areas, with the core sectors dominated by organised merchant companies and larger vessels.

  5. 5. Also, is your ATU sort of like the Mileau 0 era of Traveller 4? Since I notice that many of the nations, even the superpowers like the ISA & Brits and other groups for example, are sort of attempting to reunite the various disparate nations. It makes me imagine this is almost a Mileau 0 era setting where these various nations are attempting to be this ATU’s Sylean Federation equivalent and recreating a Second Human Alliance (akin to OTU’s Third Imperium) centered around them.

    Of course, I think the difference is that the Long Night equivalent, the Dark Ages, has already ended far in the past so I guess this is more like an extended Mileau 0 setting, one that has reached tech level 15-16. 😀

    Then again, perhaps the Taslian Empire is almost the Third Imperium equivalent in a way. Or perhaps more like the friendly Zhodani equivalent (equivalent as in psionic powers are used, not in the psionic police state stuff the Zhodani have).

    • It’s hard to draw direct parallels to a specific RPG game setting or a period in it’s setting history… as this was based on a completely independent setting, pulling in influences from across popular media like movies, books and other games over that time and then thrown into the mixer to create with game rules giving guidelines, or as a springboard to innovate.
      (For copyright and IP reasons, it becomes even more important to make that distinction.)
      Probably the best thing is for me to write the books, re-write the unpublished saga (it has deep dives into slaves, the Taslian race, other races, and technology), and allow you or others to draw their own conclusions?

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