A mini-update


The writing continues and it is getting closer to a release of ‘Ensign Vanderbilt 02 – Midland’ later this month.

As an aside, I’ve been playing with some ship models when circumstances haven’t given me opportunity to write. This is a version of the ship I am using on the covers these days, and the image below gives you a good impression of the scale and size of an Artemis Class vessel.

The model is not by me, but by a 3d Artist called Rane at Daz3d. I’ve simply rendered the model and added the extra scenery. In time, I’ll get around to re-skinning the ship away from the green and camouflage. Down the road (probably September), I’ll also look at putting some deckplans up here for anyone interested.



8 comments on “A mini-update

    • Thanks and I will. I’ve left that unattended over recent years with multiple country relocations and the day-job work… I’ll throw some of the recent artwork up there soon and a few of the pieces I am doing for the Clement Sector setting by Gypsy Knights Games.

      • Incidentally, for your books, since they all take place in the same setting, is there a general name you use to refer to your entire ATU? To use an example example, Clement Sector is the general name for the ATU by GKG. Stuff like that.

  1. TBH, there is no specific name, originally I referred to it as the Taslian Empire setting… even though most of the action [so far] has taken place far from that place.

    • Ahh.

      How long did it take for you to think up and set up your setting? And what caused you to think up the ATU? Was it an inspiration from something?

      • It has been in the making over about 25-30 years… but most of the solid setting construction took place probably between 2001 – 2010. In some ways, the setting is continuing to evolve… especially as I write and it leads me down new paths.

        The inspiration harkens back to ideas from authors I mention elsewhere all coming together in a hodgepodge of ideas and inspiration. One of the big influences would have to be Niven & Pournelle’s ‘Mote in God’s Eye’ (and Pournelle’s CD setting & War World books). They played a great way to forming my world view, and then adapting ideas from RPG’s like Traveller, Shadow World, and Space Master/Role Master before getting into the computer games that also contributed to a degree.

        Back in the ancient times, we played Traveller with the LBB’s before the 3I was put out as a setting. Over time as more gaming material found it’s way down under, we tended to keep to our own settings and never ventured into the 3I, preferring our own melange of ideas and worlds. Some of that material we built up, has found itself into this Taslian Empire setting now and is getting re-purposed in the background like ships sizes and fleet dispositions, etc….

  2. Is your ATU generally a smaller ship setting than the 3I setting?

    As for me, I sort of like to imagine an ATU where everyone is limited to reaction engines and spin gravity. Like the only real superscience of the setting is the jump drive, and maybe the meson cannon, so gene-engineering and transhumanism are a bigger thing in some ways as a means to adapt to both space and hostile planets.

    Things like antimatter, instead of being suggested for use as a powerplant, they’re used as part of sublight thrust for like military ships while more normal free traders have to make do with fusion rockets.

    I guess kind of like the Night’s Dawn Trilogy, just without the ghosts or the biological ships.

    • It is definitely big ship style… again, harking back to space opera and influences from EE Doc Smith and popular media.

      Anything less than 99 displacement tons is a boat without a TEL Drive, sloops & brigs at 5,000 to 10,000 dt, destroyers about 15 – 20,000 dt, cruisers range from 25 – 80,000, and battleships hit 100,000 or more, with variations in between those sizes for different ship types and domains.

      In some domains, carriers, fighters and attack boats dominate, whilst others make use of larger ships to project power or vary their strategic doctrine with specific weapon types & fleet units. One of the books coming in Autumn will go into a bit more detail in fleet operations for one or two of the domains… essentially I’m talking about the Artemis Files Book 4 – Liberty.

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