Under the deluge


Yes, under a deluge, and I don’t just mean the tail end of Hurricane Gert putting a few drops of rain over Ireland at the moment and sending temperatures up to the balmy heights of 23C (74F). Next thing you know, the grey squirrels will be passed out from the humidity and the red squirrels will take back their country… but that’s another story for another day and another age group!

Writing of ‘Midland’ has been progressing, but this week it will come to a temporary slow-down. I spent several days in Berlin last week for my daughter’s birthday and to get my travel fix in before the school year starts again over here. Now, I’m in the middle of doing some big artwork commissions that need to be completed by the end of the month and unfortunately they have to take priority over writing.

The good news is, it will only be for the week, and then I can finish the last parts of ‘Midland’ and get that out to you folks once final editing has signed off on it. Added to that is school goes back in this part of the world next week, giving me more freedom and not having to entertain my little one for most of the day (does that make me a terrible parent for saying that)?

Now back to the art (with some writing in between renders)… considering each render can take between 2 – 12 hours, with the majority close to 4 hours followed by an hour or so of postwork, I can still get in some writing. Just not as much as before while I work through the commissions for interior illustrations, cover art, and a convention poster.



5 comments on “Under the deluge

    • Yes it will. From tomorrow, my schedule clears up and my daughter returns to school… so my days will be my own again to finally finish Midland and put a dent into the other books planned.

      • Any updates on when you think your work will pop on Amazon? I check now and again (I’m reading a series right now that is “Meh…”). I am looking forward to reading your storylines.

  1. Yeah I’m wonder, how is the next work coming along? It seems to be stalled or something. It sounded like it would be coming out in September but it’s been almost 2 months since.

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