Just who is Bradley Warnes…?

Born, raised and educated in Australia, Bradley lives in Ireland and splits his time between a young family, hectic work, voluminous writing and frequent travel. His favourite travel destinations (and where you can often find him unwinding with a camera in one hand & a laptop in the other) include Germany, Russia, USA, and France. Working as as a Senior Manager (Technical Marketing / IT), Bradley is based in the Dublin office of a large US Fortune 500 technology company headquartered in San Diego.

In October 2012, Bradley published the first of his novels with others scheduled to be coming online at your favourite e-book retailers over the coming months. All of his books are Science Fiction ‘Space Opera’ and focus on a rich and detailed setting in the 43rd Century, tying together elements of other genres at times depending on the story.

Heavily influenced in his formative years by authors such as Jerry Pournelle, EE Doc Smith, Harry Harrison, H Beam Piper, Poul Anderson and Robert Heinlein to name a few, Bradley can only admire the great works by these writers and still enjoys relaxing in their worlds. In modern days, he follows work by John Ringo, David Weber, Jim Butcher and too many more to name in just a few lines. Another great influence comes from the first SFRPG ever made, called Traveller by Marc Miller, its legacy still going strong today in new incarnations and re-issues.

Written in the tradition of epic Space Opera, most of Bradley’s works should appeal to lovers of classic SF adventures from the golden years of science fiction.

Any questions can be sent to Brad -at- taslianempire dot com

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