TAF_01Elysium6x9The Artemis Files Book 1 – Elysium

The 43rd Century…

Thrust into a dangerous game of intrigue in a race against time, a disgraced naval officer must save the girl, find the traitor, and halt damaging secrets from being sold to enemies of the realm. As an Artemis Operative, alone on his starship, his duty is to serve the kingdom and preserve it at all costs. Out of his depth, without knowing where to turn for help, he discovers trust is a word without meaning, on a planet where no crime or sin is forbidden.

Ruled by the Stromon Cartel, Elysium is infamous in the 43rd Century as a world managed by organised crime. Nothing is sacred on Elysium, a world where every sin, pleasure, and vice is provided for by the cartel, drawing in tourists and participants to the bacchanalian revelries from across the sector. When Bren Montclare, merchant, rogue and contract mercenary, arrives at Elysium, he discovers more than he expected after responding to a distress message from a diplomatic mission in the city of Bacchus.

The Artemis Files recount the activities of an on-going intelligence operation amidst the war torn worlds of the 43rd Century. From the Britannic Kingdom to the Independent States of America, Artemis Operatives defend against incursions by enemies in a region with no law, rules, or humanity. Written in the style of traditional Space Opera, this adventure is certain to appeal to lovers of classic adventures from the golden years of Science Fiction.

Purchase Links:

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Elysium-The-Artemis-Files-ebook/dp/B009LAMVGG/

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Elysium-The-Artemis-Files-ebook/dp/B009LAMVGG/

Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/242102

Also available at: Sony, B&N Nook, Diesel, iBooks, and other online ebook retailers.


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