TAF04_Liberty6x9jpgThe Artemis Files Book 4 – Liberty (Autumn 2017)

The fourth book of the Artemis Files series….

What price freedom?

Liberty is rough and wild like many star systems on the border of the Hinterlands and the Frontier. Caught in an armed tug of war between competing nations, Liberty yearns for the freedom of its name and looks to the blood of patriots to make it happen. It was once said that the cost of freedom is high, and when Bren Montclare arrives in Liberty, he must choose what is more important: Freedom, Honour, or Love and then live with the choice no matter the cost.

The Artemis Files recount the activities of an on-going intelligence operation amidst the war torn worlds of the 43rd Century. From the Britannic Kingdom to the Independent States of America, Artemis Operatives defend against incursions by enemies in a region with no law, rules, or humanity. Written in the style of traditional Space Opera, this adventure is certain to appeal to lovers of classic adventures from the golden years of Science Fiction.


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