Ensign Vanderbilt



You first saw her in The Artemis Files 01: Elysium, now Chelsea Vanderbilt has her very own origin story.

From humble beginnings, young Chelsea is thrust into action and adventure as her past and future collide in the war torn space of The Federal States of America and across to the Hinterlands. More questions will be raised in this planned three book series that at first glance might seem to counter what you’ve read (or will read) in the Artemis Files series…. but there is a method to the madness and all gets explained.

Seen by some as a hillbilly gal from the backwoods of Georgia (the planet, not the state or country), she meets challenges head on with a quip and a grin, unnerved by nothing except her place in society.

A fun and interesting read that stands alone from the Artemis Files series, or serves as a complimentary series.

Ensign Vanderbilt 01: Georgia