It is the 43rd Century and the Federal States of America are at war, from within its borders and across the sector.

For young Chelsea Vanderbilt, life on the quiet backwater world of Georgia comes to an abrupt end when 8 strangers came to the remote farm with one goal in mind, kill the girl.

Dragged from a quiet life in the country, she is forced to enlist into the Federal States Navy as the only way to avoid certain death. Exchanging one danger for another, she soon learns you can’t escape destiny as a junior officer in the navy, not when enemy warships lay in wait on your very first cruise.

Based in the same setting as The Artemis Files series of books, ‘Georgia’ tells the story of Chelsea Vanderbilt coming of age in the Federal States of America Naval Service. An action packed adventure in the tradition of classic space opera, ‘Georgia’ will keep you flipping pages to see what happens next

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