Dancing with the Witch Queen

Dancing with the Witch Queen Cover

Taslian Knights Book 1 – Dancing with the Witch Queen (Spring 2013)

The 43rd Century in the Taslian Empire…

The Tramford Expedition was seen as a historic mission to renew contact with lost Taslian worlds far from the Core Sector domains, but it all went horribly wrong when the Taslians attacked the expedition.

Ensign Trey Anderson, a young officer from the Independent States of America is serving on exchange to the Britannic Royal Navy expedition when the Taslians destroy his ship. He is one of the few taken alive by the hostile people that humanity once called allies. Captured and interrogated, his life rests in the hands of servants for the mad Queen ruling the Taslian worlds.

Katya ‘Kat’ Thalhammer is an outcast and lordless Taslian Knight in the service of the Holy Taslian Empire, a warrior maiden trained to fight equally as well with sword and shield as she does with pistol and rifle. Captured during an Imperial raid on the enemy Queen, she is imprisoned to be used as a blood sacrifice.

With their lives hanging in the balance, there is only one objective the pair have in mind… gaining freedom at any cost.

The Taslian Knights series recount the adventures of Trey Anderson and Kat Thalhammer in a hostile and strange empire, where magic and sorcery prevail in the face of science. Written in the tradition of epic Space Opera, this adventure is certain to appeal to lovers of classic adventures from the golden years of Science Fiction.

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